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Thursday, 22 February 2018 14:49 GMT

5 Ways to Get Yourself Hired in These Tough Times.

As news of layoffs world-wide continue to roll in it is becoming obvious that in addition to the annual wave of college graduates seeking jobs, this year a legion of newly unemployed workers will also be submitting their resume to that sales position you were eying on And depending on your own situation, that means that these people will have just as much or more experience than you. So what can you do to make yourself stand out among these people with years of experience in similar or even more advanced jobs? How do you show the person doing the hiring that you would make a better employee? The list below is designed to provide you with several steps you can take to make sure that you have an edge against people that might otherwise appear more qualified.

Have a well prepared resume.
This is, perhaps, an obvious step but it is also an extremely important one. Having an enticing and well thought out resume can make you stand out among the competition - and having things such as spelling or grammatical errors can result in it being thrown out before an employer even finishes reading it. This is a make or break point that can overshadow everything that comes next.

Update your computer skills.
If you are a recent college graduate or a younger person, you may already have a leg up on older workers in this area, but it doesn't hurt to look into some additional classes for things such as Photoshop or some basic CSS programing. Those are the little difference that will often put you over the top of the other people contending for a position. If you are an older worker who has not kept up with he constantly changing world of computers, taking a computer basics class can prevent your experience from being overlooked on account of your technological shortcomings.

Learn a second language.
As this world continues to get smaller thanks to the modern means of communication, being able to speak a second language can be an invaluable asset when seeking a job. If you recently graduated or have been laid off, now could be a great time to go spend some time abroad studying a language. Wouldn't it be great to learn French in France? To many employers, having spent time abroad is also a plus. So take this opportunity while you have it and travel to Europe to take a fun summer school Switzerland offers.

Gain some experience through volunteering.
Just because you will probably have less experience than many other people applying for your position doesn't mean you can't have any - and having at least a little could make a big difference. Seek out any opportunities to gain experience that you can including volunteering or taking an internship. Even if you feel you are too old or over qualified for one of these positions, this maybe be just what you need to have an employer take a second look at your resume. And if your skill set has fallen out of date, this can be a great way to gain new experience and make sure you're up to date with those young'ns

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