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Thursday, 22 February 2018 14:49 GMT

May Language be With You

The power of language and communication can't be stressed enough. In the modern world it is impossible to find any job that does not require interpersonal contact and thus that does not rely on the fleeting skills of communication and empathy. Effective communication is simply essential to any job; furthermore, if you are searching for a job, this becomes even more important. Language skills are not the same as communicational skills, but they present a hard coded barrier to your communication efforts, therefore they are equally vital and can make the difference between success and failure in a job search.

Six steps for effective communication at work:

  1. Be clear: Unless we are direct, neither our clients nor our coworkers will be able to understand us, and it will be difficult for them to accomplish any of our expectations.
  2. Get to the point: You value your time, so you should also value the time of the people around you. Getting to the point allows others to focus on the important message.
  3. Be personal: Make sure you let people know that you care about them as individuals. Don't communicate in a cold manner.
  4. Listen: Communication is not a one-way street. Listen more and talk less.
  5. Think Before You Speak: Not only will you be able to choose your words better, you will fend off those spur of the moment outbursts that can severely damage you.
  6. Don't Be Overly Negative: It is necessary to tackle the problems as they come, but being posite will encourage the people you work with to continue doing their best.

Your native language (whether it is English, Spanish, French or Urdu) is your main way to communicate with others that share with you similar cultural and language patterns. When employers look to fill an open job, the skill to interact in a productive manner with co-workers, subordinates and superiors is a key requirements. Therefore it is very important to speak your native language exceptionally well. Without a solid language skill, you will most likely be prejudged as being less educated than you actually are. Furthermore, great language skills on your native tongue can help you tremendously to learn new languages.

Your chances of getting the job you are looking for can greatly increase if you are also proficient in a second language. In the light of the increasing cultural diversity that is to be found on most countries and given the tendency (and willingness) of people to relocate for better opportunities, you are most likely to find yourself at least once (most likely many times more) working with people that speak a different language. We are not surprised when we realize that there is an increasing amount of variety in the English course New York currently offers. We know that there are more and more people looking to improve their chances of success at learning by studying abroad, in a society with the native language they're looking for. We might be surprised to find out that, if you are looking for a Spanish course New York offers a lot more variety than with English Courses. You shouldn't be surprised. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and more people are realizing the importance of learning it.

If you are able to speak a second (and luckily a third or fourth) language, it will become a huge boon to your chances of making a successful job search. In fact, those who are fluent in more than one language are often able to obtain better paid jobs in important organizations just because of their ability to bring down language barriers and help get things done simply and correctly. You need to communicate, it is in your best interests to realize this as soon as possible and take immediate action to improve your skills.

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