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Tax is taxing for Apprentice, Raef Bjayou!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Raef Bjayou, one of the remaining candidates on hit TV show The Apprentice,  might be as smooth-as-silk in the boardroom.  But, behind the scenes, he is facing a fine for failing to missing the accounts filing deadline with Companies House.

Bjayou’s import-export business, called Infinitate, has missed its deadline by three weeks.  A spokesman for the reality TV star said there was nothing untoward about his failure to file the accounts on time, according to newspaper reports.

‘It was simply an oversight that occurred because his business accountant was on holiday. He was completely unaware and will send them in now, but he has done all of his personal tax returns,’ the spokesman said.

America’s Next Top Accountant generates record TV viewing figures

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

A website has revealed that top singers, actors, dancers and rock stars have all been queuing up in the hope of getting a steady job in accountancy in the latest talent show to top the ratings in the United States. The question in all our minds, is will they be able to figure out their debits and credits? And, what about Double Entry? Almost brings tears to my eyes.

Well, this is what the pilot episode revealed …

‘I always had this secret dream that I might one day work in some area of financial management’ said an excited Beyonce, ‘but this TV show means that at last there is the chance that my dreams might come true…’ she said as she practised her audition piece with her calculator and spreadsheet.

‘Ever since I was a kid I used to practise accountancy in my bedroom…’ confessed Amy Winehouse. ‘I’ve sent a few tables of some projected expenses into all the big firms, but even though they kept rejecting me, I always believed I had the financial acumen and auditing skills to make my dreams come true.’

‘You call that deductible!’ shouted one of the professionals to a tearful Madonna as he tore up her illegible receipts from some holiday gift shop. ‘Forget it sweetheart. You’ll never make an accountant; you’ll just be an iconic rock superstar for the rest of your life.

Alas, this nothing more than another amusing, tongue-in-cheek article from the infamous spoof news site, News Biscuit. But, given the never ending proliferation of TV reality shows, maybe, just maybe, I might yet make onto the UK’s next top Accountant ;)

I can only hope!