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UK payroll profession braces itself for a revolution

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Often, training is not on the top of the things to think about.

On top of concerns about managing a the workload, most courses aren’t cheap. And, when the pressure increases at in our daily jobs, it can be almost impossible to find a healthy work versus life versus study balance. But, a new scheme from the Institute of Payroll Professionals is changing that equation.

It’s called, ‘Don’t Pass Don’t Pay’, and is being described as the risk free way to gain a payroll qualification. In short, it provides its students with something of a safety net.

On their website, the Institute of Payroll Professions say:

The principle is simple, if you dont pass the course, then you don’t pay for it but the effect it can have in the payroll revolution is enormous! How much easier will it be for you to get your employer’s sponsorship for your payroll qualification if they have the guarantee that you pass or they get their money back?

And with employer’s willing to sponsor you for your qualification, they are more likely to notice the payroll function and its benefit to the organisation. Career development: qualifications enhance your career prospects - you’ll gain respect for both you and your profession.

Not sure it’s a payroll revolution, but it certainly sounds like a win-win idea to us!