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One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Can I register my CV with”

And, the answer is YES.  You can indeed get your CV in front of 100s of top recruiters for FREE!   To do this, simply visit CV Library, sign-up and add your details; it’s that simple! In addition to getting your CV in front of 100s of top recruiters, you’ll also be able to access their vast range of UK accounting, finance, and banking jobs.   And, it’s also worth reading through their FREE information on CV hints and tipls.

Or, for more information, visit: CV Library


4 Responses to “CV registration through”

  1. Mohammed Khan Says:

    I am a British citizen currently living in Pakistan. I am in the middle of my ACCA qualification and this website does not allow me to register my CV as I do not live in the UK ,although I dont need a work permit to work anywhere in the UK. I would be grateful if the management of can look into my case and allow me to register my CV through this website.


    Mohammed M Khan

  2. admin Says:

    Many thanks for the feedback.

    The CV business and its website are owned and operated by CV Library Ltd., and not AccJobs. For this reason, you would need to contact the management of CV-L through their website:

    Good luck with your studies, and your ongoing career search.


  3. Nazrawit Yohannes Says:

    I want to work in any of nursing activities which are related to my experiance.

  4. admin Says:

    Unfortunately, there are no Nursing jobs on this website. is a is a specialist UK based Accounting, Banking and Finance job board, containing 1000s of jobs for Accountants, Banking, and Financial professionals.

    Good luck with your ongoing career search.

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