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UK apprentice Anita Shah fired in Week 1

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Business strategist Anita Shah, who is also a qualified lawyer, has become the first Apprentice hopeful to be fired by Sir Alan Sugar on the BBC One show.  The 35-year-old was brought into the boardroom, after her team failed to make the most profit in a challenge which saw them start up a cleaning company.

Sir Alan said he fired her because she, “showed no initiative in spotting that you were going for a disaster”.  In addition, rightly or wrongly, she was singled-out for being “too enthusiastic” about spending almost 200 pounds on cleaning materials; the alleged over-spending was identified as part of the reason for the team’s failure.

Shah said she was “gutted” to be the first candidate to be sacked.  “I’m gutted to be out of the show, of course I am. But life goes on,” she said.  In the first episode of the new series, the 15 candidates split into two teams - with the women calling themselves Ignite and the men choosing Empire.

In the boardroom, whilst the other candidates fought their corners, Anita said, “I admit this was not my finest hour, and that I have not excelled in this task”.  A good tactic, to be truthful, perhaps?  No!  She was, much to the relief of Mona Lewis and Debra Barr, selected to be the first candidate to hear the now infamous “you’re fired”.

In the after-episode show, all 3 celebrity guests, which included Carol Vorderman - a candidate on the recent Comic Relief celebrity apprentice, agreed Anita had been fired in error.  The audience, who were also polled for their views, voted a rough 50/50 split; perhaps with a slight learning toward “Hired”.

In episode 2, the remaining apprentices are to provide corporate catering services.  Sausage roll, anyone?